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Video Materials:

Hear Zach's thoughts about lighting Belleville at The Pasadena Playhouse:

Zach Host's a designer roundtable during COVID-19 Quarantine discussing how the shutdown has impacted the Entertainment Industry

Zach discusses relating his family immigrant story to Dishwasher Dreams:

Hear Zach take you through his process during COVID-19 Quarantine:

Zach Host's a roundtable with his collaborators of "The Siblings Play" which closed, in previews, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown:

Watch Sizzle Reel for quick sampling of Zach's wide-range & diverse work:


Zach discusses quick tech process for Gypsy:

Zach discusses cinematic storytelling for Indian Joe:


Zach discusses dramaturgical storytelling for Oklahoma:

Zach discusses design insights for Belleville:

Zach discusses teaching on the job for American Idiot:

Zach discusses design approach for young professionals :

Zach discusses lighting thrust stage for Djembe, the Show:

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