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I approach “Lighting Design” through the lens of a dramaturgical storyteller,

with an art-forward, painterly, poetic approach.


The lighting instruments are my paint-brushes, and the stage is my canvas.


I am someone who believes that lighting is the “connective-tissue”, that brings the raw materials, of a multi-layered story, together into one cohesive visual.

It is the delivery system.


In my point of view, lighting is the emotional undercurrent that helps calibrate the journey of the audience. Telling the viewer where to look, but most importantly, how to feel, in each specifically curated moment!


I also enjoy the creative process. Collaboration and team work is very important to me. I love solving problems and contributing where and when I can.


I enjoy the pressure and responsibility it is to be the Lighting Designer, and will always be over prepared and ready to handle whatever comes at me.


I thrive under pressure, and appreciate a challenge.

Zach is a human-being based out of New York City. A proud 'Dog Dad', and Escape Room Enthusiast. One whom tries as hard as possible to keep a level head, and a healthy work/life balance.

This is Gabriel

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