Zach is a human-being based out of New York City. A proud 'Dog Dad', and Escape Room Enthusiast, they try as hard as possible to keep a level head, and a healthy work/life balance.


Zach approaches their work from a painterly, art-forward, point of view.

He feels that the lighting instruments are his paint brushes and the stage his canvas.


He is a Dramaturgical Storyteller that deals in the medium of light. Having a very real obsession with human psychology, Zach likes to say he "breaks down archetypes for a living". 


Spending much of his time visualizing the world in which he hopes to create, Zach takes into account all of the hopes and dreams of his fellow collaborators. 


Zach feels the lighting is the “intangible goo”, the “connective-tissue”, that brings the raw materials, of a multi-layered story, together into one cohesive visual.


In his view, the lighting is a tool to help calibrate the emotional undercurrent. It is the delivery system. 


The majority of audiences would not actively be able to perceive, or put into words, how the lighting is changing, or positioning things, but they are subconsciously affected by the lighting at all times. 

That is what he finds most thrilling about being a Lighting Designer.

Designers are like magicians, taking the spectator on a journey by guiding them with a sleight of hand.


Zach enjoys the pressure and responsibility it is to be a Lighting Designer. The feeling of triage, being in the hot seat, and making art “in real time”. He enjoys the push & pull, the ebb & flow, of the creative room and collaborative artistic process. 

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